Would you like some Donuts?


Ok, so did I get your attention with these de·lec·ta·ble donuts? I fought with myself about posting this (Yes, I do fight with myself). Although I’m not going to buy you donuts, you might need to buy some for a business meeting. Perhaps on Friday, July 11th??? If so, I’ve got a deal for you. You see,  I know that in the business world, donuts carry some major bargaining power. So here it is…To celebrate Krisy Kreme’s 77th birthday on July 11th, go to a Krispy Kreme near you for a great deal on donuts. If you buy a dozen, you’ll get a the second dozen for only $.077!!!

Phew, that’s was rough. I try very hard to keep the focus on healthy food but every once in while…well, you know. I hope this post can help you score some major input at the next business meeting. So on Friday, come in to your office meeting prepared and ask your co-worker…Would you like some donuts?

For locations near you click here.

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