The Practice of Mindful Living

On Saturday, August 9th, the Great Park will host a FREE 60 minute lecture. Topic: Habits For A More Balanced Life

Living mindfully means different things to different people, but here in the Farm + Food Lab it involves being present in thought, deliberate in deed, attuned to your surroundings, and actively engaged in the moment.  This series will provide the knowledge and tools to help you reassess what’s important, rebalance your priorities, and regain control over the ever increasing demands of your busy life.  Join us for what is sure to be an enlightening and engaging series designed to help you obtain the benefits and rewards of mindful living.

mindfullivingTime(s): 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Location:Farm + Food Lab | Map & Directions 

Ages 16+ are welcome to attend

This program is produced and presented by the City of Irvine’s Community Services Urban Agricultural Programs Division in collaboration with local health care professionals.

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