Fires & Earthquakes & Hurricane’s, oh my…get prepared!

I posted coupons for Irvine Park Railroad yesterday however due to the large brush fire burning in Silverado Canyon, many North OC Parks are currently affected. Irvine Regional Park/OC Zoo is now closed as it is serving as a fire camp for the Silverado Fire. It will be closed to the public through Wednesday 9/17/14.

With everything that’s going on, Fire’s, Earthquakes & Hurricane’s, its time to get prepared.

Does your family have designated meeting places in case of an emergency? Different disasters may require you to go to different places. Make sure you identify a meeting place in your neighborhood, a meeting place just outside your neighborhood, and a meeting place out of town. Review these plans with all members of your family. 


Graphic courtesy of CDC Emergency Preparedness and Response. #NatlPrep

To get an Emergency plan together for your your family visit for complete details and ready to use plans, checklist, first aid kits and emergency contact lists.

Here’s a sample of what is available and ready to use for your family plan. 



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