New doTERRA products

It’s doTERRA’s convention time in Utah and even though I’m not there I can feel the excitement in the air!  I love my doTERRA products and being able promote wellness within my family.

My facebook is going crazy right now with everyone posting pictures and information about the new products being released on Monday!!!!

There are two new oils “Cardamom” and “Aborvitae“, two new skin care lines, the new Petal Diffusser, On Guard toothpaste samples (we love this toothpaste), Correct X (an essential skin ointment), Terra Greens (A Fruit & Vegetable Supplemental Mix)  a new formula of Breathe Essential Oil blend is being released (it now contains Cardamom) and the new convenient Breathe Respiratory Drops.

Here’s a picture of the products along with a link for detailed information.





This is a GREAT time to join doTERRA! There is new limited time program called “The Share Program” this is great opportunity for all new Wellness Advocates to receive valuable gift packages by sharing dōTERRA with others. New advocates who love dōTERRA and want to receive free product can participate. For a limited time—starting September 22, 2014—dōTERRA will be opening the Share Program to all Wellness Advocates so they can experience the program and share it with those they enroll.

This program will help you share your oils with your friends and family so that they can also benefit from these amazing oils.

newproducts1Please let me know if I can help you in any way or answer any question you have about these life changing products, Happy Oiling!

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