OC Classic Mountain Bike Race Series

October 18, 2014 is series #4  of  the OC Classic Mountain Bike Race Series. This race will take place at Caspers Wilderness Park. 

The Caspers race is on a rustic course with great views and beautiful oak trees. The initial climb is 2.5 miles long with steep sections and nice flat reliefs. Racers of all levels will find this to be a climbing challenge! The descents are fast, and while there are no rock drops or cliffs, riders need to be careful to ride within their control. All riders will do a short loop, and depending on category at least one long loop. This means that even beginners will come through the venue twice to hear the cheering crowd!

There’s a FREE Kids Race, so bring the youngsters. Ages 10 and under.


Individual and Team: $45
Tandem: $75
Novice (New this year!): $20
Parking is $5.00
Registration closes Friday October 17th at 9:00pm
Awards will be given for top 3 in each category (minimum of 3 racers per category)
Day of registration (6:45 to 7:45am) – $50 (no credit cards)
Cancellation policy: Refunds will be made until September 18 (minus processing fee). After September 18, transfers will be offered until October 11. No transfers or refunds week of race.


Men: (Age group is based off of your age at the end of 2014)

  • Beginner (29 and under, 30-39, 40-49, 50+)
  • Sport (29 and under, 30-39, 40-49, 50+)
  • Expert (Open)
  • Pro (Open)
  • Clydesdale (Open)
  • SS (Open)
  • Tandem (Open)
  • Novice (Open)


  • Beginner (Open)
  • Sport (Open)
  • Expert/Pro (Open)


Novice: 1 Short lap
Beginners: 1 short lap + 1 long lap
Sport, Single Speed, Clydesdale, Tandem: 1 short lap + 2 long laps
Expert & Pros (male & female): 1 short lap + 3 long laps
(All riders have 2 hours 15 minutes to complete their laps)

Challenge course Map

Short Loop: 4.24 miles with 530 feet of climbing per lap
The Course starts at the back of the Park in the Old Corral. Riders will go out in 2 minute waves according to category on the pavement for half of a mile to the East Ridge climb. Once riders hit the dirt the race is on! East ridge is a fire break with steep sections and nice reliefs along the way. On the this first lap riders will make a left turn (2.44 miles) down the Sun Rise trail. This will take them to the Bell Canyon trail and back to the Old Corral.

Long Loop: 6.53 miles with 768 feet of climbing per lap
This time riders will race back to East ridge (staying left of the cones). Once on East Ridge they will climb all the way to the top (2.5 miles) and head down the Steep roller coaster style descent (please be careful on this section, speeds can easily go in excess of 30mph). At Cougar Pass turn right and head to the last steep but short climb (25% grade at the top). Then head down Oso trail to Bell Canyon Trail and back to the venue.


Pre-Ride: Sunday October 12 at 9:00 am, meet at the Old Corral.

Packet Pick Up: 6:45am to 7:45am Race Day

Race Day

6:00am – Park opens
6:45am to 7:45am – Packet Pick up & Check-In
8:00am – Racer Meeting
8:30am – Start time (at the Old Corral Picnic Area)
10:30am – Finished racing
10:45am – Kids Race
11:00am – Awards


Caspers Wilderness – 33401 Ortega Hwy San Juan Capistrano, CA 9267


Images and information from nondotadventures.com


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