We Guess Public Relations Barbie Can’t Use Email Any Better Than Computer Engineer Barbie

Mattel – you get a great big thumbs down from me! So barbie can do anything except write code. Thank goodness theres’ a boy close by – he’ll fix everything.
Isn’t she supoosed to be a Computer engineer? I was already upset about the Girl Scout Barbie released earlier this year but now this.

Thank goodness my girls no longer ask for Barbies. because at this point I would say no.

Just a couple of months back I told me girls they could no watch the Barbie epsiodes on Netflix after watching an episode of Barbie Dreamhouse. “Girl” based TV and toys are so very disappionting.

Step it up Mattel! Encourgae our girls, build them up, show them they can be and do anything.


Barbie is stymied by this email thing. Barbie is stymied by this email thing. Yesterday we found out that Computer Engineer Barbie has no idea what computer engineering is, and can’t write code for a game she’s designing without men to do it for her, much less email or reboot her computer successfully. We reached out to Mattel’s media relations team to comment on the book all about Barbie’s brush with a computer virus and subsequent saving by her guy friends, but it would seem the PR team also has trouble using email. Better ask Steven and Brian for help.

Thus far Mattel has remained silent on the recent outrage over I Can Be A Computer Engineer, a book that people have been complaining about in the Amazon reviews for the title since January. Consumerist has yet to get a reply to our inquiry yesterday, and it doesn’t appear that Mattel has issued a public statement…

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